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Derived from the Sanskrit word vid, which literally translates to “knowledge” or “wisdom”, the Veda are religious texts that form the basis for Hinduism.

With their origins in ancient India, the Veda’s teachings are relevant even for modern times. Taking inspiration from our roots, we at Veda have taken traditional Indian recipes and presented them with a modern outlook, while preserving the original flavor and rich cultural heritage of India.

Indian food is so much more than just curry and spice – it is a blend of cultures, cuisines, regions, healing, and love. The flavoral diversity in our cuisine comes from India’s rich history of cultural intermingling, which makes the food not just gastronomical, but a visual treat too!

At Veda, we pride ourselves in bringing you recipes straight from the kitchens of India. Just as the Vedic hymns were developed by the Rishis (sages) after inspired creativity, so is our food – we have crafted every aspect of our cooking to perfection. 

Our cuisine preserves the Indian heritage, culture, and flavors, while offering complete aspects of fine dining, including wine selection, craft cocktails, and an impeccable service. The food is prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients, which ensures that your experience remains unique, and you get the taste of home-cooked food, even if you’re miles away from home. 

Come, catch a glimpse of India at Veda!

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