Veda’s Weekend Brunch – Fun, Family, & a Feast!

Weekends are our official snooze button to a busy and hectic week. Office meetings, client calls, reports, and almost everything can hit pause – and we want nothing more than to spend time with our friends and family. But where should you go when you want to chill, cozy out, and chatter with your favorite people? Enter – weekend brunches!

A weekend brunch is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family or friends, over a perfectly laid out table with delectable food and drinks (we’re talking bottomless mimosas!). Originating as a concept for making up for missed breakfast and impending lunch hour, today’s brunches have evolved a lot. And at Veda, we believe that fun, family, and feasts are the best combination to make a weekend picture perfect! 

With more colors, more flavors, more textures, we are back with our delicious Weekend brunches. This brunch menu encompasses all the items that will fit everyone’s requirements; be it a small hunger pang or a wholesome meal. From quick bites to refreshing desserts, from a date perfect dessert to ideal family platters, from tradition to fusion we have an ensemble of food items.

Veda is ready and waiting with its brunch menu with your favorite $20 bottomless mimosas!

  1.     Samosa Chaat

Spiced Potato Turnovers | Chickpeas | Yogurt | Tamarind Chutney | Mint Chutney







Samosa Chaat is a guaranteed explosion of deliciousness! These crispy Samosas filled with flavored potatoes and chickpeas become irresistibly delicious when accompanied by tangy Tamarind and refreshing Mint Chutney with Yogurt. This combination of spice, tang, and crunch will take your taste buds with surprise and your brain to pure bliss. Pair it with the bottomless mimosa – and you will find yourself wanting more! 


  1.     Paneer Kathi Rolls  

Tangy Paneer & Veggies Filling | Indian Flat Bread | Chutney

A popular Indian street-style snack, the Paneer Kathi Rolls can be best described as a piece of heaven on your plate. From its preparation to presentation, this dish will keep you intrigued, and it tastes incredible. Wrapped in crispy flatbread, filled with tangy paneer, dressings, and chutney, this meal is a must-try, even for those who like to order it safe. Paneer Kathi Rolls have a continental appeal, and one can relate it to various snacks all around the world.


  1.     Amritsari Bhature Chole

 Spiced Chickpeas | Puffed Bhature (2) | Pickled Vegetables

Straight out from the land of Punjab, Amritsari Bhature Chole is one of the favorite breakfast options in North India. Chickpeas prepared in thick gravy in garam masala (an Indian blend of seven spices) are served with puffed and crispy yet soft Bhature along with pickle. This combination is literally worshiped in India by foodies and one bite of it will justify why. Veda’s brunch menu would have been incomplete without giving space to this iconic dish.


  1.     Masala Omelette

Onion | Tomato | Chilies | Cilantro (Served with Naan)

This is an Indian version of Omelette, and is so versatile that it can go with any occasion. Be it a brunch with family, a date, a quick bite with friends, or a day out with kids; this dish can be ordered without a second thought. Moreover, it can be a light snack, a complete meal, or a delicious companion on a wine and dine day.


  1.     Chowpatty Pao Bhaji

Grilled Pao Bread | Bombay Bhaji | Kachumber Salad

The heart of street food in the Bollywood capital of India, Mumbai, the Pao Bhaji is an iconic snack – some might even call it a bite of nostalgia. Pao Bhaji is prepared with mashed vegetables and served with grilled pao bread with kachumber salad. Taste the glimpse of the city of dreams on your plate with Pao Bhaji. 


  1.     Masala Egg Roast (Egg Curry) 

Curried Eggs (2) | Served with Flaky Kerala Paratha

Our brunch menu brings out the best of flavors from a culturally diverse India. The Masala Egg Roast is a dish from the coastal south Indian state of Kerala. Hard-boiled eggs coated in a thick sauce made with ripe tomatoes and sweet caramelized onions impart this culinary delight of its unique flavor. With the Flaky Kerala Paratha as its partner, this is a dish that will surely make you fall in love from the first bite!


  1.     Vegetarian  (Vegan on request) and Non-Vegetarian Thali

Vegetarian Thali: Palak Paneer | Paneer Makhani | Gobhi Mutter | Tofu Green Peas 

Sides: Dal Makhani OR Pindi Chana | Raita OR Salad | Saffron Basmati Rice (Served with Laccha Paratha | Naan | Roti | Garlic Naan)  

Non-Vegetarian Thali: Chicken Makhani | Lamb Roganjosh | Goan Shrimp Curry Sides: Dal Makhani OR Pindi Chana | Raita OR Salad | Saffron Basmati Rice (Served with Laccha Paratha | Naan | Roti | Garlic Naan)

Thali should be ordered for three major reasons: one, it is economical than a-la-carte; two, you can enjoy multiple options; and three, you can get to experience the royalty associated with the Thali. Traditionally associated with the royals, the thalis were served as a bountiful meal exclusively to the emperors, offered by the villagers and servants. The modern thalis have come a long way, and at Veda, we have taken care of your royal experience in our unique way. We offer two variants, the vegetarian thali (which can be made vegan on request), and the non-vegetarian thali. Relive the royal experience when you order it for brunch this weekend!


  1.     The trio of Desi Ice Cream

Maghai ‘”Paan” (Betel Nut Leaves) | Gulkand (Candied Rose Petals ) | Chatpatta Guava

P.C. Sharmistha D.


If you are fond of desserts, then this is what you must order. We vouch by this dessert’s deliciousness and uniqueness, you might have never tasted something like this before. This trio of desi ice-cream includes Maghai Paan, Gulkand, and Chatpatta Guava. These flavors are extremely addictive. Order this oh-so-delicious trio on your next visit, and watch as it becomes your favorite dessert!


  1. Gulab Jamun

Khoya Beignet | Rose Flavored Syrup | Scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream

Gulab Jamun with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream is an Indian version of brownie with ice-cream. It’s loved fondly due to the cardamom after taste, the softness of a hot gulab jamun, the taste of rose-flavored syrup, and deliciousness of Vanilla ice-cream. These two different flavors complement each other so well that it becomes impossible to think both of them separately.


  1. Sorbets 

Alphonso Mango Chili Sorbet and Pear, Wine, and Ginger Sorbet 

Pear, Wine, and Ginger Sorbet; P.C.: Michelle P.


Brunch with love once, and sorbet with either chili or wine will turn your regular day divine! There are two unique options available for sorbets and both will linger for long in your memories. While the sweetness of Alphonso mangoes with chilies will add a surprise element to your dining experience, the Pear, Wine, and ginger sorbet will soothe and relax your senses. 


With a spread like this, it is needless to say that you have plenty to choose from. Veda starts hosting the brunch beginning August 29th, on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30AM – 02:30PM. Make sure to book your table here in advance to try out our fabulous brunch!


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