With some of the best food that Philly has to offer, Center City District Fall Restaurant Week kicked off on September 13th, 2020. The perfect combination of delicious with affordable, CCD Restaurant Week, a bi-annual event, is easily one of the most awaited events.

Restaurant Week is a diner’s delight – that’s because dozens of establishments offer a prix-fixe three-course meal at a discounted price. A three-course meal at any participating restaurant would cost $20 per person, while dinner would cost $35 per person.

This year’s Fall edition of the popular event is being held from September 13-25, 2020 giving diners plenty of time to try out new dishes, or order their old favorites. The event sees a delightful addition this year – diners can now order their favorite meals and enjoy them in the comfort of their own home.

While we’re counting down to the last few days of Restaurant Week, here’s how you can still make the most out of the event:

Review Menu & Restaurant Ahead Of Time

We totally understand your excitement to relish lunch and dinner at your favorite restaurant. However, not all the restaurants are following a similar pattern of offering dine-in and takeout. Few are open for dine-in and few for takeout; therefore, checking the availability of a particular restaurant on OpenTable is advised.

If you are on the lookout for some delicious Indian Cuisine, Veda is available for takeout, dine-in, and dine-out for Restaurant Week. Some of the favorites include Lassoni Gobi, Tandoori Chicken, Warm Gulab Jamun, and one of its kind Pear, Wine, and Ginger Sorbet.

Try Upscale Restaurants

Restaurant Week is a diner’s haven. Participating restaurants in the city offer 3-course meals at an affordable price. Which is why, it is advised to explore upscale restaurants more. Why, you ask? To get more value for money!

Most upscale restaurants have a three- or four-course meal priced upwards of $100, which makes prix-fixe a big saving deal. And at Veda, Restaurant Week is an opportunity to enjoy the best of the delicacies, at best of the ambiances at $20 lunch and $35 dinner prix-fixe, three-course meal.

Plan Ahead 

Restaurant Week is all about gathering your own experiences. You may prefer going to a relatively hassle-free place, which indeed would be a different kind of experience to live. 

Yet, it is advised that you reserve your table in advance, so that you don’t miss out on your favorite restaurant due to a busy day. OpenTable is a great place to book your tables ahead of time, especially if you want a table at Veda.

Read The Reviews

It is essential to read the reviews of the restaurant you are planning to visit. It will give a good idea about the ambiance of the place, the kind of crowd it usually has, its menu, its dishes, and of course its shortcomings.

Moreover, it’s extremely vital to check the reviews thoroughly if you are trying the cuisine for the first time. For the ones who are trying Indian food for the first time, Veda is a great option attributing to its 5-star reviews.

Keep A Check On The Portion Served

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Some restaurants serve smaller portions to accommodate for the reduced prices during Restaurant Week. Hence it is advisable to check on/be aware of portion sizes for meals served during the event. An affordable menu should not equal dissatisfaction.

At Veda, food portions are not compromised – you get a satisfying experience at an affordable price during Restaurant Week. The generous portion sizes ensure you get a full value meal which is delighting and fulfilling at the same time.


Experience Everything

Don’t keep yourself bound! Enjoy, explore, and evolve to its fullest to take out the best from the CCD Fall Restaurant Week 2020. Go with family and friends, go solo, try a new cuisine, or simply try a new dish. The goal is to make it memorable, and Veda is all set to live up to this expectation with a finely picked menu, dine-in and dine-out facilities, and takeaway comforts. 

So, which meal are you most excited to try out for Restaurant Week? Let us know in the comments.

For reservations at Veda, visit OpenTable.


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