Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how it is used

We collect information when you communicate with us and when you use our products, services and sites. This includes information you provide such as name and contact information, images, voice recordings or prints, the reason for contacting us, driver’s license number, Social Security Number and payment information. Service and device usage information we collect includes call records, websites visited, wireless location, application and feature usage, network and device data including battery life and apps on your device, product and device-specific information and identifiers, service options you choose, mobile and device numbers, video streaming and video packages and usage, movie rental and purchase data, TV and other video viewership, and other similar information.

We use this information to establish, monitor and maintain your account and billing records; measure credit and payment risk; provide account-related services; deliver and maintain your products and services; help you with service-related issues or questions; manage and protect our networks, services and users from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; help us improve our services and research and develop new products and services; authenticate you; determine your eligibility for new products and services and contact you with marketing offers.

When you contact us or we contact you, we may monitor or record that communication or keep a record of the transaction to help us train employees and better serve you.

We may automatically measure and monitor network performance and the performance of your connections to improve your, or our, service levels and products. If you contact us for service support, we also may access information about your computer, wireless device or other device settings to provide customized technical support or to install specific applications or services that you use or that are necessary to the applications or services you use.

Information about your use of Veda products and services may be aggregated or otherwise de-identified for business and marketing uses by us or by third parties. For example, aggregate or de-identified data may be used to improve our services, measure and analyze the use of services and to help make services and advertising more relevant to you. You can opt out of certain of these uses, for example the Veda Relevant Mobile Advertising and Business and Marketing Insights programs discussed below

When you establish an online account or register on our sites or apps, we may collect information about your user identification, password and secret questions and answers. We use this information to authenticate you when you sign in.

Veda will obtain your affirmative consent before we use information we gathered in the course of providing broadband Internet access services about your visits over time to different non-Veda websites to customize ads specifically to you. One such program is Veda Selects.

Information we collect and how it is used

When you purchase products or apply for service with us, we may obtain credit information about you from outside credit reporting agencies to help us with customer authentication and credit-related decisions. If you lease your residence, we may have information about how to reach your landlord and whether landlord permission is required to install our facilities.

Veda obtains information from outside companies such as those that collect consumer information including demographic and interest data. Examples of this information include gender, age range, education, sports enthusiast, frequent diner or pet owner. We use this data and combine it with other information we have about you to help us predict your preferences, to direct marketing offers that might be more relevant to you, and to help us better analyze customer information for business modeling purposes.

When you use social media credentials to login to or interact with a Veda site or offer, we may collect information about your social media profile, such as your interests, “likes” and friends list. We use this information, for example, to personalize your Veda experiences and marketing communications, to enhance our services and to better serve you. You can control this data sharing via options in your social media accounts.

We also obtain contact information and other marketing lead information from third parties, website “refer-a-friend” options or social media platforms and may combine it with information we have to contact you or direct Veda’s marketing offers to you.

Information collected on Veda websites and apps

When you use Veda websites and apps, information is collected about your device and your visit including browsing, searching and buying activity as you interact with our sites and apps; IP address; mobile telephone, device numbers and identifiers; account information; web addresses of the sites you come from and go to next; and information about your connection, including your device’s browser, operating system, platform type and Internet connection speed. We use this information for operational, performance measurement and other business purposes; and to help us deliver more relevant Veda marketing messages on our websites, on non-Veda websites, by our representatives, via email, or via other Veda services or devices. This information is also used to tailor the content you see, manage the frequency with which you see an advertisement, tailor advertisements to better match your interests and understand the effectiveness of our advertising. We also may use this information to assess the effectiveness of our sites and to help you should you request help with navigation problems on our sites. Additional information about data collected by Oath on websites, apps and services is described in the Oath and Yahoo privacy policies.

Certain Veda vendors may place and read cookies on our sites to help us deliver Veda marketing messages on our sites and on non-Veda sites. We require that these vendors provide consumers with the ability to opt out of their use of information for these purposes. In accordance with industry self-regulatory principles, you should see this icon in or around Veda advertisements that are delivered on other sites using information collected on our sites. Clicking on this icon provides information about the companies and data practices that were used to deliver the ad and also describes how you may opt out of this type of advertising program. Additional information on choices you have about the use of information for advertising purposes can be found in the “How to limit the sharing and use of your information” section below. View information about “cookies” and related technologies.

Information you provide

When you contact us for information or when you enter a Veda-sponsored or affiliated contest, sweepstakes or promotion, we may use the information you supply to provide you with information about Veda services, programs and offerings. Certain promotions may require that we disclose information such as contest winners or provide information for prize fulfillment, and as required by law or permitted by the promotion’s official rules. Information you provide on our websites about your preferred location and other preferences may be used to provide you with more relevant product recommendations, services and special offers.

If you provide information to us in the context of an event or promotion that Veda sponsors with another organization, or if you visit a co-sponsored site or use a co-sponsored service, you also may be providing information to the co-sponsor. You should refer to that co-sponsor’s privacy policy for information about its practices which may differ from Veda’s practices.

We also collect information from you when you participate in surveys or provide other feedback to us regarding our products or services, when you register to receive news or public policy updates, or when you apply for a job with or a grant from Veda. We use this information only for the purpose for which you provide it.

Veda may send you emails that communicate information about your account or about products, services, marketing offers or promotions that may be of interest to you. When you open a Veda email or click on links within these emails, we may collect and retain information to provide you with future communications that may be more interesting to you. Please note that Veda will not ask you to send us, via email, sensitive personal or account information.

Additional information for Veda customers

Veda includes a unique identifier in certain web traffic from your mobile device. The identifier is used to help deliver relevant advertising and to deliver other services such as authenticating devices on the network. If you opt out of the Relevant Mobile Advertising program and you have not joined Veda Selects, or if you activate certain types of lines that are not eligible to participate in our advertising programs, Veda will stop inserting the Unique Identifier Header (UIDH). The identifier will continue to appear for a short period of time while we are updating our systems.

Veda collects and uses mobile device location data for a variety of purposes, including to provide our mobile voice and data services, emergency services, and our and third-party location-based apps and services such as navigation, weather, mapping and child safety apps or tools. Veda apps that use location information provide choices about the use of this information.

Veda devices may include system software we use to help gather diagnostic information used to monitor network performance and the performance of your connections. Similar Veda-supplied software enables automatic installation of apps when you activate your device and with your consent at later times. This software may be used, for example, to install an app you request or open an app or your browser to a specific page when you are interacting with a voice response system or an advertisement. This software collects information about the actions it takes, including information about when an app or browser is first opened and when it is uninstalled. You can delete or disable apps installed by this software at any time.

Veda does not publish directories of our customers’ wireless phone numbers, and we do not provide or make them available to third parties for listing in directories unless you request that we do so.

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