Buffet menu

Mon — Fri 11:30AM - 3:00PM

Jaldi Jaldi means quickly quickly in Hindi and is often the term used for a quick lunch or bite in India. We present our Jaldi Jaldi menu on a Thali style platter.

2- Courses prix-fixe

choice of one from Starters and one from Buffet Specials
Vegetarian - 14 | Chicken — 14 | Lamb or Seafood — 15

Thali Specials entrée

Served with Dal Makhani OR Channa, naan and basmati rice

Chicken Tikka Makhani (GF,T)

Chicken tikka / burnt ginger / tomatos / honey / fenugreek greens.

Punjabi Chicken Curry (GF)

Boneless Chicken / shallots / tomatoes / garam masala.

Tandoori Chicken (GF)

Spring chicken / ginger / garlic / tandoori spices / barbecued over charcoal

Lamb Roganjosh (GF)

Boneless Lamb / shallots / kashmiri red chili / garam-masala / black cardamoms.

Goan Shrimp Curry (GF)(TN)(S)

Balck tiger shrimp/ deghi chili peppers / peri-peri masala / black cardamonm / coconut milk

Tofu Green Peas Curry (V, GF)(TN)

Tofu / green peas / onion tomato sauce / toasted cashews / fenugreek greens

Tandoori Grilled Salad (GF, Vegan without Paneer)

A colorful assortment of peppers, onion, paneer & pineapple char-grilled to a golden hue in our clay oven.