Plan a Perfect Graduation Party

Graduation party at Veda Indian Restaurant philadelphia

So you have a soon-to-be grad in your life, and you’re planning to throw them the most awesome graduation party ever? Graduation is a huge milestone in a person’s life, and trust us, it deserves to be celebrated with a party that’s equally amazing. Take it from us at Veda who have hosted (and catered) many memorable graduation parties (well, it’s kinda part of the job description), the perfect party is the one where all loved ones come together to celebrate this joyous occasion.

As the parent or guardian, it may sometimes get overwhelming to plan the perfect graduation party, so that you can give them a great send-off into the real world. However, with the right planning and organization, you can host a successful graduation party that your grad and the guests attending will cherish for a long time.

Below are some tips on how to plan the perfect graduation party, and how we can help make it become even more special.

Setting the Date, Time, and Location

The very first thing that you need to decide when hosting a graduation party is the date and time for the event. Social calendars fill up quite fast in the graduation season, so it is a good idea to set up a date and time that works for everyone you’re looking to invite. 

Budgeting is another small yet significant aspect to be considered. Deciding your budget will help you allocate funds accordingly, and help avoid any overspending. Once the budget is determined, the next step is to select the location. When choosing a venue, it is important that you choose a place that can accommodate your guest list easily. It can be an outdoor venue or an indoor venue, and can be as elaborate or intimate as you like.


Veda Indian restaurant main dining hall
Veda’s spacious Dining Hall. Semi-Private dining area not shown in photo.

If you’re considering hosting it at Veda, we offer our restaurant space for rent at zero additional cost—which means you can strike out a huge cost from your party expenses right away! Plus, our spacious dining hall can comfortably seat up to 85 of your guests for a sit-down dinner and up to a 100 guests for a standing event, if you include our bar area too (Tip: You can go for an in-person visit to check out the space for yourself—at Veda, we warmly welcome you to check out our premises!). We also offer a semi-private dining area if you’re looking for a smaller, intimate party with close friends and family only in attendance. (Tip: It’s a good idea to book the venue at least a month in advance so that you are not left short charged and out of good party venues!) 


Creating Guest List & Sending Invitations

Once the date, time, and place have been decided, the next step is to jot down names of people you would like to invite, a.k.a. creating a guest list. You don’t want to miss their closest friends, family members, and favorite mentors, and plus-ones. An ideal guest list would be one which matches the venue capacity, so that everyone can freely mingle and enjoy the party.


catering menu

Once you have finalized your list of guests that you will be inviting, it’s time to send out your invitations. There are many online invitation platforms (Evite, Punchbowl, Paperless Post, etc.) that help you create beautiful, personalized digital invitations to send out to your guests, or you can get the invites printed and mailed well ahead of the party to make sure guests have enough time to respond. Make sure to include all the relevant details such as the date, time, location, dress code (if any) and RSVP information (Tip: You can also ask guests to provide any dietary restrictions or allergy information too—this will come handy in the next step!)

Planning the Menu

The most important part of any event—delicious food! The food you serve at the party can become a big part of making it a hit or a miss. With so many people, there’s so much to take care of—everyone’s dietary preferences, allergies, tastes, and whatnot! Planning the menu can be stressful; luckily for you, our team at Veda has it all sorted. Indian Cuisine in itself is very family-friendly—meaning, Indian food is served in a way that’s best enjoyed when shared with family and friends. When celebrating a family event like a graduation party, you can never go wrong with some of the most savory, delightful, rich, and indulgent food that Indian Cuisine has to offer.

Indian Cuisine at Veda. Top (L-R): Crispy Okra Salad, Mirch Murgh Tikka and Lassoni Gobi. Bottom (L-R): Calcutta Pork Ribs, Ragda Patties, and Chicken Tikka Achari.

At Veda, our event packages offer food menus that cover every option and dietary preference, since Indian Cuisine has a lot of Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free options. We use only the freshest ingredients, and all our meat is Halal. Add to that, once you convey any allergy information or dietary restrictions to our team, we make it a point to make sure that every guest is well-catered for and able to enjoy our food without having to worry about feeling left out because of their dietary preference. Every aspect of your food & drinks menu at Veda can be chosen, meaning everything is customizable to your liking, so that you can be focused on celebrating your graduate and enjoying the party instead of worrying about the little things.


Finalizing Entertainment & Decorations

No party is complete without the proper décor and right entertainment, and your graduate’s party is no exception. Luckily, when you decide to host your event at Veda, you get access to our exclusive roster of artists, including DJs, Singers, and Live Entertainment, as well as Photographers, Hair & Makeup Artists, Florists, and Event Decorators. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger and just have to worry about who to finalize for making your grad’s big day even more special!


Table décor at Veda for a past event.

Our team will work with you to create a completely personalized experience that your grad and your guests will love. Right from making you and your entourage look like a million bucks for the party, to getting the best photographers that will capture the moment; from decorating our dining hall in the exact theme as you envisioned the graduation party in, to having the best music and entertainment that you wanted for the party; from the table and place setting, to the personalized, party-themed menu cards, our team takes care of everything, so that you have all that you need under one roof, and enjoy a fun-filled party.

In conclusion, planning and throwing a perfect party can be a mighty feat, but with Veda by your side, you can be assured a stress-free and enjoyable experience. If you’re looking to host a party at your own house or a venue of your choice, we provide reliable, custom catering services as well, where we can deliver and set up the catering at your venue. If you’d like to take a look at our Catering Menu, we’d suggest you look here.

Our Events Team is always eager to make your party special! If you are wondering how to book Veda’s dining hall for a graduation party or any other event, you can fill out our Events Booking Form here, and we will reach out to you in 24-48 hours to plan your special day that your guests will remember for years to come!